Yumi Paediatric Clinic

The clinic is closed on following days because of health chack at school/nursery.
Morning consultation closed on 4/16(Tue) and 4/23(tue),
full day closed on 4/8(Mon) and 4/19(Fri)

The parking space of the clinic building is closed until 5/28 due to repairment of the wall. Please use other parkings around the clinic.

The clinic might be closed or the consultation schedule might be changed due to any reason. Please check this page for information of the day before you come.
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・ Consultation
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Clinic schedule
Mondays, Thursdays :
 all day general consultation
Tuesdays :
 AM/health check
 PM/general consultation
Fridays, Saturdays :
 general consultation (AM only)

Closed :
Fridays afternoon and Saturdays afternoon
Wednesdays, Sundays
National Holidays