Yumi Paediatric Clinic
Closed morning on the 7th, and from the 18th to the 23rd of October.

COVID-19 vaccination for children over 12 years old and adults is available. Not only children but adults are also welcome.
If you would like to take the vaccination, please come to our reception and make a booking.

Booking for flu vaccination is now available. Because of shortage of flu vaccines, the booking for October is available at the moment. We will open the booking for November or later ASAP when we confirm in stock.

We have a consultation category "consultation for fever" from 11:00-12:00 on weekdays. This is for a patient who has a temperature of more than 37.5℃ on that day or the day before.
If your child has a sudden high temperature in the afternoon and needs consultation, please call us before you come. However, as it is difficult to prepare an isolation room for a patient with fever in the afternoon, we might not be able to see those patients in the afternoon.
On Saturday, please call us after 11:30.

The "prescription only" category is available on Saturday.

Because of shortage of Japanese encephalitis vaccine, we offer only the 1st and the 2nd shots at the moment.

The clinic might be closed or the consultation schedule might be changed due to any reason. Please check this page for information of the day before you come.

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